Girls Club Ice Cream Social


This is Austin Marks who is a boy and therefore is unrelated to the article and cannot join the Girls Club.

Sarah Quan, Newspaper Editor

“You are invited to attend the Girls Club ICE CREAM SOCIAL today at lunch in A126.”

This invitation was given to me on January 25th, right in my fourth period class. Apparently people were thinking of starting up a Girls Club so as to help stop the drama around school, the type of drama Marshall Eagle Eye hopes to start. There will be a separate Girls Club for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Additionally, there were ideas thrown around about educating people about sexism, giving girls Sex Ed, etc. There will be a permission slip sent out to parents and guardians for them to give consent on their children discussing these topics.

I emailed Ms. Rocio Carrillo (the local school psychologist) to ask some questions, like who else was invited. Apparently, the club was an open invite to every female student at Marshall.

“Ms. Kelly and I reviewed discipline records and felt some of these students would benefit from the club in order to avoid these students getting any more referrals. We also just picked girls at random and felt they would also spread the word about this club. Overall, we just wanted to extend the invite to every girl at the school who is interested.”

New girls who want to join must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (not me) or at least show they’re trying to raise their grades (me). They must have a permission slip signed before they can attend the meetings, which will be happening during both middle and high school lunches for two or three Thursdays a month. High schoolers will go to A126, while middle schoolers will be assigned to a different room as their group is said to be bigger than ours.

At the meetings all clubs members will place their cell phones in a basket before they start. People will check-in and then discuss the topic of the day. Ms. Carrillo will be monitoring any “discipline issues” and make sure all the rules are enforced. There is currently no Boys Club and the Girls Club may show up at Club Rush next year.

The end. 😀