Why is dress code the way it is?

Vanessa P. Ashley C. Joseph C.

This article will be about how we did some snooping around Marshall Fundamental’s campus about the dress code. Marshall has some very strict dress code rules according to the students and they had many questions regarding this topic. Some of them being “Why do other schools let their students wear this?” or “We should be allowed to express ourselves through are clothing.” and etc. So we as journalism students took in their request and found out the reasons why many students were getting written up for dressing the way they were dressing. What our staff has to say about this is that it’s for our own safety. For example wearing sandals with no straps can lead up to many accidents because it has been seen before. Therefore it’s a requirement for anyone to wear sandals with straps. Many of the dress code rules here at Marshall are not because our principal wants them, many of these rules are California State Laws.Therefore, we can’t do much about them. For many students it is hard to follow these rules because they want to feel free in what they wear but unfortunately we are not given that option. We also asked our staff what they thought personally about what other schools dress codes were and what they had to say was that schools have their own take on how their students dress but Marshall’s views are different. One of Marshall’s eagle values is to “Graduate Prepared” so they want us to graduate with professionalism because in our future we are gonna have to carry that with us. We are going to get interviewed for jobs were going to one day present in front of larger audiences and they want to prepare us for our next chapter in our life. So as Marshall eagles will keep on doing our best to keep following these rules.