What Would Students Change about Marshall?

What Would Students Change about Marshall?

Joshua Gray, Staff Writer

In light of innovation week, I asked myself, “How would students innovate Marshall?” I was curious about what Marshall students what they would change Marshall (instead of a board of directors). So I went out on campus and asked students, “What would you change about Marshall?”

Many topics were explored during questioning, but I’ll narrow it down to the best ones I heard. Starting off, one student I talked to said the cleanliness of the campus could use some work. Mainly, the knocked over trash cans, ants, and trash from students on the ground. They felt that a combination of a larger janitorial staff and better student cooperation to throw their trash away, this problem could be fixed. Also, Marshall did have a campus beautification  day last year. Possibly we could have another one.

Moreover, a second student felt there wasn’t enough focus (or awareness) on the sports department.  In fact, the Marshall football team cancelled their season due to lack of player participation. They felt the school needed to support the sports department more. Sports play an important part in education, according to the New York Times article, “Sports and Education Work Well Together.” Research found that schools with successful teams and offer more sports often have higher test scores and graduate rates.

Furthermore, an additional student believed a later start and a shorter school day would be beneficial, mainly so students can focus on extracurricular activities and homework. This reminded me of how the Finnish school system works, which starts at 9 a.m and ends at 2 p.m. The school day averages at around 3 hours and 45 minutes. Finland has one of the top school systems. With all these ideas in mind, would the school system ever pick Marshall as a topic for innovation week?

Although these are just ideas, could these become reality? Possibly. The PUSD board members do hold public hearings so complaints or questions can be adequately be heard. So if you have any suggestions you can go these meetings. Or, you could email one of the board members (or all) with any ideas/complaints. Below is a link to the list of the PUSD board members.


Also, here’s a strawpoll about some of the most popular changes I heard