What to expect from Senior Year !!

What to expect from Senior Year !!

Phillip Francis and Shawn Blount

Senior Year is a roller coaster! You think it will never end until it is over and then you realize it was not so bad.

The sad part is that many Marshall juniors go into senior year not knowing what is coming next. Unfortunately, school does not teach you about life outside of school.

As soon as a student graduates high school, they are forced to start living in the real world- a world of paying bills and paying taxes. Many kids today are unfortunately not taught about financial advice. For example, the benefits of using a credit union versus a traditional bank.

Along the same lines, how to best manage your money such as putting your money in a savings account. If students are taught life skills then they will better chance of surviving in the real world and not have to suffer the consequences.

Other information that would be useful for seniors is college advice.  Seniors are told college is super hard and they will not be prepared if they do not shape up throughout their four years of high school.  That is not enough! High school students are not told about  financial opportunities for college until senior year because it is never too early to learn about how to pay for college.