What Happened to the Posters?

Ask your fellow Marshall Eagles...

Nicole Oshima, Editor

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As an ASB member, and avid poster artist, I have noticed that Marshall students have no respect for them. ASB’s Secretary, Kailey Henderson, and I made a poster advertising the Spring Sports Pep Rally and Food Fair, because we believed that it wasn’t publicized enough. I spent 30 minutes on a simple poster, which isn’t that long, but was still time spent. Kailey and I walked around campus during middle school lunch and decided that the lower quad was a perfect spot- nobody ever puts posters over there, so we thought it would catch everybody’s eye. We struggled putting up the large poster by the C Building, and it looked great! 3 measly hours later, during 6th period, we walked by again to see if the poster was still there. And you guessed it- IT WASN’T THERE. It was nowhere to be found, and I assumed that it had fallen due to faulty taping, and that the custodians had thrown it away. We were mildly upset, it took a while to put up and create the poster, and it was created to benefit the student body.

Later that day, while I was leaving school, I noticed a large, blue crumpled up mass on the floor by the B Building. I walked closer and realized that it was our poster! It hadn’t survived 3 hours, and was already ripped up and unusable. I grabbed the poster and showed it to the ASB President, Juharah Worku. We were both appalled! What joy do people get out of ruining posters that were supposed to inform the student body of upcoming events? People always blame ASB for not publicizing enough, but we do- the posters just get ruined by disrespectful students.We try our best to keep everyone informed and spread the word using posters, announcements, social media, and going from student to student- but nothing works! We have tried putting flyers up on the bathroom doors- they get torn down immediately. We try announcements- nobody listens. I even tried networking with students from other schools around California to see how they get their information on campus, but I don’t believe that those methods will work at Marshall.

I am confused about what to do next. I like posters and flyers, because not everyone has social media and they can release information to many people. So Marshall Eagles, at this point, it’s up to you to keep the school informed.