Taylor Morton
Taylor Morton was born in 1997 in Pasadena,CA. Barely making it as a 90's baby, Taylor was always a little old for her age. Moments after being born she was held by John Travolta, not something many newborns can claim. This very unique moment came to be a theme in Taylor's life and contributed to a life time of uniqueness. There are not many toddlers that develop a love for wildlife early on but Taylor was one of them. By the age of 5 she had one true love, mentor and hero, Steve Irwin. Through his shows, books and toys she developed a love and passion for wildlife and specifically the Australian waters filled with crocodiles. While most of her family believed she would soon grow out of this "phase" she never did. This "phase" turned into passion that turned into fire to fuel her future goals of becoming a field researcher and wildlife documentarian. Of course once she was old enough Taylor played sports and did many other activities. Taylor swam, played golf, and even won MVP on her soccer team, but nothing could compare to her love for animals. She also participated in Girl Scouts all throughout her youth and was recognized for achieving one of the highest honor, the Gold Award. By the age of 13 Taylor was volunteering as her teachers assistant, aiding in handling exotic animals at schools, parties and wildlife events. During this time period she also started volunteering at the humane society treating sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife along with caring for her own exotic animals at home. The summer going into her Senior year Taylor was awarded the Earthwatch Ignite Student Fellowship which sent her to the wild marshes of Texas to do research on the endangered Whooping Crane with scientists from Sam Houston State University and the International Crane Foundation. Taylor is now the proud President of Marshall’s 2015 Journalism Club, and she hopes you enjoy her articles as much as she enjoyed writing them.


Taylor Morton, President

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Taylor Morton