Lucy Patrick
Lucy Patrick was born on June 14, 2000. Lucy is a senior at Marshall Fundamental, and she looks forward to graduating in 2018. She may be shy at first, but you will soon realize that she is quite outgoing and sometimes very weird. She loves to make people laugh and brighten moods. She works hard to get good grades, but also enjoys playing video games or doing puzzles during her free time. Her favorite video game is Overwatch and she only enjoys puzzles with 2000 pieces or more. She also loves to read; her favorite books have to do with mysteries or romance. When she goes to college she plans on majoring in criminology and minoring in psychology. Her hope is to one day join the FBI and help solve murders and catch criminals. She has big dreams for herself and hopes to achieve them all - with the help of friends and family, of course.

Lucy Patrick, Newspaper Editor

Jan 23, 2018
The Darker Side of AP Classes (Story)
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Lucy Patrick