Kimberly Felix
Kimberly Felix is a senior at Marshall fundamental and is a second year journalist, editor and publicist in the eagle eye . She is involved in many school extra curricular activities like a school club called Unidos, which she is the 12th grade representative in. On her free time she likes to read and watch Netflix, and also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. This year is her last year of high school and she's looking forward to the senior events like grad night and prom. After high school she plans on going to college and following the career path of her choice. She hopes that she doesn't  have to take too many math courses in college for mathematics has always been her weakest subject. Her favorite subject in school is english because she's able to express her thoughts and ideas in writing (something that she's not very good at doing in person). Most people when first meeting her would say she's quiet but once she gets comfortable around you, you might find her quite a talker (saying things from the top of her head that might seem random or hilarious). Her favorite place to go to is Disneyland..of course happiest place on earth, and going on new and random adventures with her favorite people.


Kimberly Felix, Editor/publicist

Mar 29, 2015
Senioritis (Story)
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Kimberly Felix