Kareem Shaheen

Kareem Shaheen, Staff

Kareem Shaheen is currently a 9th grader who newly transferred to Marshall Fundamental from Sierra Madre Middle. Born in California but originating from Egypt he goes there every summer to visit relatives as well as travel the world. He graduated 8th grade as receiver of the Jeff Varns Math award as well as a valedictorian from his graduating class.Kareem is a kind person who is a little quiet but still interacts well with others.His one goal from high school is to simply get all A’s as well as graduate a valedictorian from the class of 2022.His eventual goal for life is to become either an anesthesiologist or software developer along with a PhD in one of at least 3 subjects, mathematics, physics, pathology.To him, journalism in not just an elective but an opportunity to inform the students of Marshall and all things that are relevant to them.

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Kareem Shaheen