Amber Vasquez
This wonderful, amazingly talented girl will be your future queen of the world! Unfortunately, this girl is just too lazy to be queen. Her name is Amber Vasquez and she’s a Marshall senior. She’s one of the shortest students in her senior class. Be wary of this girl, she might look sweet and innocent, but she’s far from it. Her nickname is "Lazy Demon", but she’s pretty chill most of the time.

If you wish to find this girl, you must search in the depth of Tartarus where she is having a nice cup of tea with Lord Voldemort, President Snow, and Kronos… Yeah nope. Actually, you’ll probably find her in a cocoon of blankets watching anime or reading manga in the comfort of her bed. This girl is a BIG Naruto fan and loves to read! She loves sweets and hates spicy food. Eventually this girl will do her best in life because she doesn’t give up, she doesn’t go back on her word, for it is her ninja way.

Amber Vasquez, Staff Writer

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