Amaya Binns
Amaya Binns is an open-minded person who is very intelligent and kind. She's unfortunately a muggle but still waits for her Hogwarts letter in the mail so she can fulfill her true destiny in fighting Dementors and riding hippogriffs. It's been six years now but she never gives up. So until her time comes she will stay being a journalist in this muggle world solving all their problems through her advice. Amaya is unafraid to speak up when something needs to be said. She is a natural born-leader full of charisma and passion. Amaya does not need much to be happy, just to know her classmates are happy is enough for her. She is confident in herself as a person and what she stands for. She hates injustice, spiders and octopuses, loves TV shows that includes everyone whether that be from different social backgrounds, race, class, gender or sexual orientation and puppies specifically Golden Retrievers. She has a bucket list that contains her acquiring fifteen thousand dollars and traveling to Reykjavik, Iceland and London, England with her special small backpack and camera living in the moment.


Amaya Binns, Staff Writer

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