2017-2018 Staff

Michele Noyola

Staff Writer

Michele Noyola is 17 years old. She was born on May 10, 2000, making her a Taurus. Michele is a very outgoing person, but some may say she can be annoying. Although she may come off as annoying, she is very helpful and is always...

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Isidro Leon

Staff Writer

Isidro Leon was born on August 15, 2000 and is 17 years old. Isidro has attended Marshall Fundamental since the 6th grade and is now a senior. In his free time, he likes to be athletic and overall is just looking to have a fun...

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Kevork Marmarian

Staff Writer

Kevork Marmarian was born on September 29, 2000. He has attended  Marshall since 6th grade. Kevork is a kind-hearted person and is very positive in many ways. He likes to take long naps, but is still academically successful,...

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Jessica Baeza

Staff Writer

Jessica Baeza is currently attending Marshall Fundamental. She is a junior this year and has been attending Marshall for four years. Jessica is the second oldest of her family. She has three brothers and two sisters. Jessica is...

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Erik Rocha

Video Editor

Erik Rocha wants to go into nursing. He is planning to go to CSUN or Cal State LA. He loves creative activities as in music, reading, and drawing. He is currently in a band and he is the lead singer of the band and bass player....

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Joanna Escobar

Video Editor

Joanna Escobar (also known as Jojo) was born on November 27, 2000. She has attend Marshall since 7th grade and is now a senior almost ready to graduate. She was on Marshall's Varsity Dance Team for two years where she got to...

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Samantha King

Staff Writer

Samantha King is a 13 year old freshman at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. She has a big passion for dancing and she has been dancing for 4 years. Samantha is a very nice and understanding person and she will always listen...

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Carly Kutcka

Staff Writer

Carly is a junior this year and also is a member of Marshall´s varsity cheer leading team. She has attended Marshall since the sixth grade. After high school she wants to go to a UC and become an EMT. She loves animals and hanging...

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Manuel Ruvalcaba

Staff Writer

Manuel Ruvalcaba was born on November 25, 2000. Some would say having Manuel around is like bringing in a light of positive energy. Manuel is such a positive, open-minded individual that everyone wants to be his friend. His overall...

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Omar Reyes

Newspaper Editor

Omar Reyes was born on July 5, 2000. Omar Reyes has attended Marshall Fundamental since 6th grade. He has been able to maintain high grades throughout his schooling. He loves to play soccer for both club and school. In his spare...

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Anya de Veer

Staff Writer

Anya de Veer is a fourteen year old freshman at Marshall Fundamental Secondary school. She is one of a kind and is very creative. She can get past anything that will come her way. Anya lives in a household of four and loves adventures,...

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Cisco Carlin

Staff Writer

His name is Cisco Carlin and it is isn’t short for Francisco. He is seventeen years old, born and raised in Pasadena. He has two brothers, one sister, and a devoted mom. His pops passed away last year in September. It was hard...

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Debi Lobato

Staff Writer

Debi Lobato was born on June 7, 2000. She is a senior at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. She is excited to go through her senior year with her best friend and make the last few memories of high school. She loves animals...

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Sandra Fuentes

Staff Writer

Sandra Fuentes was born on February 19, 2000 and is a 17 year old girl with ambition. She's a very caring and supportive person. She currently is going to Marshall Fundamental for her senior year and has been attending Marshall...

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Esteban Lopez

Staff Writer

Esteban Lopez was born in 2003 in Pasadena. He has been going to Marshall Fundamental since 7th grade and he plans on graduating from there too. In the 9th grade he chose journalism as his elective, and he will see how it turns...

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Jackie Carrillo

Staff Writer

Jackie Carrillo was born June 23, 2000. She is 17 years old. Jackie is currently a senior at Marshall Fundamental, and has been there since 7th grade. She is taking two APs: English and Environmental Science. She enjoys both of...

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Tyler Brown

Staff Writer

Tyler Brooks-Brown was born on January 20, 2000. He is 17 years old and has lived in Pasadena for 12 years. His favorite thing in the world is playing sports. His mom used to always tell him that any sport he played, he was successful....

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Cindy Martinez

Staff Editor

Cindy was born on May 31, 2000, and is currently a senior at Marshall Fundamental. Cindy is very funny, loves going on adventures, and is very outgoing. Cindy is in her school's Puente program, and has been a cheerleader since...

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Maira Lomeli

Staff Writer

Maira Lomeli is a senior at Marshall Fundamental High School. She is a proud Latina and loves to learn about different cultures. She is part of the varsity tennis team and is equally dedicated to her school work and the tennis...

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Ana Almaraz

Staff Writer

Ana Almaraz was born June 14, 2000. She was born to two hardworking immigrant Hispanic parents. She’s the vice-president of her Journalism class and loves to stay involved. She's involved in her school's Key Club and Black Student...

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Alexander Chacon

Staff Writer

Alexander Chacon is currently a senior at Marshall Fundamental High School. He is a proud Mexican and loves writing. He is looking forward to this school year and hopes to improve his writing in the process. He is currently the...

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Olivia Alvarado

Newspaper Editor

Olivia Alvarado was born on December 30, 2000. She is the only child but has two half-siblings who live in Oakland, California. Olivia is very social but also loves alone time. She can have a little attitude but is overall a positive...

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Zakiyyah Rasheed-Anderson

Newspaper Editor

Zakiyyah Anderson is a senior at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. She's a key member of the Marshall Varsity Track Team and is secretary of the Black Student Union. She is the first of her family to go to college, and plans...

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Mia Thorsen

Staff Writer

Mia Thorsen is a currently a sophomore at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in Pasadena, California. She is involved in clubs such as Key Club, Story Tellers Club, Asian Club, Nature Club, and is involved in school sports...

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Lucy Patrick

Newspaper Editor

Lucy Patrick was born on June 14, 2000. Lucy is a senior at Marshall Fundamental, and she looks forward to graduating in 2018. She may be shy at first, but you will soon realize that she is quite outgoing and sometimes very weird....

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Caroline Banjarjian

Staff Writer

Caroline Banjarjian is freshman at Marshall Fundamental School in Pasadena, CA. She is a very kind and funny person. Caroline loves to play volleyball and hang out with her friends. She was born on May 7, 2003 in California. When...

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Sein Kim

Staff Writer

Her name is Sally Kim. Some people call her Sein, which is her Korean name. Sally came from Korea when she was in 6th grade. Sally is fluent in both English and Korean. Both of her parents are writers in Korea. Her dad has written...

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Erick Gabrielyan


Erick Gabrielyan was born in Pasadena, CA in 2002. He has been going to Marshall Fundamental since the 6th grade, and plans on graduating high school there. For primary school he attended Daniel Webster Elementary in Pasadena....

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Sarah Quan

Newspaper Editor

A lover of internet cats, an intelligent intellectual in psychology, and a cleric in Dungeons in Dragons, Sarah Christine Quan is the coolest senior there is. She has decided to grace Marshall with her presence since the 6th grade,...

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