Six Grade Projects!!


Asia Jota, Amy Garabedian, and Bella Tessi

Sixth grade is a time of struggle and new experiences for most students. It’s your first time in a new school, with all new people, and lots of assignments. As a sixth grader we all learned how to adjust to the Marshall Fundamental trends and normalities. The friends you make and people around you from day one, are most likely the same people going to sit next to you on graduation day. Don’t worry though, as a sixth grader, you have a long way until then!

The majority of a student’s career in sixth grade comes down to projects. An eleventh grader remembered, “I think at one point we had six or seven different projects going on at once.” Some recalled enjoying all the group projects and all the different activities they got to do. Yet some saw it as an OVERLOAD of work. One sixth grader complained, “We have too many projects all due at once, and on top a whole lot of homework!”

Teachers early in middle school try to format their classes and assignments in order to prepare their kids for a hard life in high school. High school is a whole other ballgame, though. The mass projects and homework given in 6th grade make the workload you receive in high school easier to tackle.

Are you a current sixth grader in need of help? It gets better. The skills you learn about working with others and multitasking translate straight into high school. As of now you may not like making salt dough or constructing ziggurats out of sugar cubes is that important, but it is. High school will scare you at first, but you’ll have all the information you’ll need to succeed as a Marshall eagle. Our journey through school all has ups and downs, but we all experience the same amount of struggles.

All our baby eagles all start out the same, and continue to soar into college!