Red Ribbon Week


Isabella Tesei, Staff

If you ever wondered why there were red ribbons around the trees in the quad, you’re finally going to learn the answer. After asking around ASB and some faculty staff, I learned the answer was quite simple, but very important. The red ribbons are a symbol of Red Ribbon Week from October 23 to October 31 every year. After the demise of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, upset youth and parents across the country began to wear red ribbons to raise awareness of the destruction that drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence can cause. Seeing Marshall as a community, it’s important to announce the risks and concerns for items that could be used and spread across school. About a month ago, ASB cabinet put up the red ribbons on the trees, which brought a ton of confusion to many students. When asked what they thought the red ribbons were, some people knew the general basis of what it was, drug awareness, but some others came up with wild conspiracies. For example, a junior who was interviewed thought the ribbons were for Christmas and later on was informed on the real meaning. At Marshall, we want to spread the devotion to living a safe, drug-free, healthy life.