Recent Pep Rallies

Recent Pep Rallies

Carly Kutcka, Editor

About two weeks ago, a pep rally was held in the second gym for winter sports. During this pep rally, all winter sports teams and their next games were presented to students.

All of the decorations for these pep rallies are made by students and the ASB committee. The decorations and the games are fine enough, but many high schoolers dislike the music selected. Unfortunately, the music we select cannot contain profanity.

During every rally there is an opportunity to win the spirit key for being the loudest class, with a key for middle school and one for high school. However, this year none of the eighth graders made a sound when their class was called. “It was completely unexpected and I have no clue why they did that,” said one of the cheerleaders. Although this is indeed disappointing, it’s not impossible to believe as many students dislike going to Marshall.

Our next pep rally is on March 14, 2018 and will be held in the second gym, as always. During this rally, all spring sports teams will be lined up for students as well as having their next game announced where it will be. On pep rally days, middle schoolers go into the gym first and after their pep rally is over, high schoolers get ready for theirs. To show your support for your class seniors should wear red, juniors wear blue, sophomores wear white, and freshmen wear black.