Powderpuff Game!!

Bella Tesei and Amy Garabedian

This years Powderpuff game was one for the books! The lively, dramatic, and suspenseful game was the best possible homecoming game the Marshall Eagles could have asked for. There were a lot of things to see at this game: For instance, the all-male cheerleaders (who are hard to forget), Marshall’s dance team with a spectacular performance, and Marshall’s very own marching band & color guard performed! That wasn’t all, though! The homecoming queen (Heidi Sagherian) was also announced.

In the Powderpuff game, the high school junior girls played against the senior girls. The final score of the game was 13-0, in favor of the seniors. Both the juniors and seniors were very enthusiastic about this game, even to a point of some arguing back and forth! Some juniors said that “the game was completely rigged in the seniors favor”, while the seniors believed that they won completely fair and square and that “the better team came out on top.”

An especially memorable moment was when junior male and senior male cheerleaders danced in front of the excited crowd. The senior boys even removed their shirts for a little extra enthusiasm from the crowd! Since this year’s Powderpuff game also doubled as the homecoming game, there was an outstanding halftime show which included many great performances. After the game ended, the homecoming court walked the field and the queen was announced. All of the people involved in the game from the players to the cheerleaders, the homecoming court, and the ASB members (whom without the game would not be possible), were outstanding!

The game was extremely fun and a great way to start the 2018-2019 school year. Plus, no matter who won the game, Marshall won! Go Marshall Eagles!