Editorial: Silence is Overdue at the Marshall Library!


Erick Gabrielyan, Editor

For many hard-working students, libraries are to be seen as an academic haven, where one can go to study in a tranquil environment. A stark contrast to the hullabaloo of the rest of the world. When classes are in session, the library can serve as a great place to find some peace. However, to go to the library at this time, a student must have a period in which the teacher is lenient enough to permit them this privilege. If I have a break in Journalism, I am able to retreat to the library to complete some work in quiet solitude. This allows me to get a lot of schoolwork done. Most students, however, do not have this luxury.

Ideally, students could enjoy the quietness of school libraries at lunch. This is not the case at the Marshall library. On several occasions, I have been unable to get schoolwork done in the library during lunch. This is due to its noisy and wild atmosphere. It would be really nice to have a library at peace. In airing my complaints among my peers, I have received strong and common agreement.

Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Scribner and everyone at the library are very kind and helpful. They always greet students as they enter the library. BUT they do need to make more of an effort to keep the noise at bay. Libraries, by nature, are meant to be quiet places. Let’s make sure Marshall’s library is on par with that of other schools.