Olvera Street

Maggie Galindo, Staff Writer

This year’s trip with Unidos to Olvera Street was a complete success!

The club went on November 2nd, (the 2nd day of Dia de los Muertos), and experienced all of the culture that Olvera Street had to offer. While the club was there you could see many ofrendas (altars for the day of the dead) covered in flowers and pan de muertos alongside images of many of the passed. At Olvera street there are many stands and restaurants that offer some of the best Mexican and Latino foods in Los Angeles. Some adventurous students went to other parts of L.A. such as Chinatown or theGrand Central Market to enjoy some food there.

Many students purchased many goods at Olvera Street such as candy, clothes, cards, bracelets, etc (there is virtually nothing you can’t find at Olvera Street). For some members of Unidos, this was their first time having real Mexican Cuisine and viewing the Mexican culture. The ride over to Olvera Street was also part of the fun for the club. The club walked down from Marshall to the Allen train station, boarded the train and rode it all the way to Grand Central station. From there, the club walked to Olvera Street and spent the day their exploring Olvera Street and the rest of d\downtown. Unidos had a great time at Olvera Street this year and many of the current juniors are excited to also go next year!

Special thanks to Ms. Rizzo and all of the teachers involved in getting the trip organized!