New Mural at Marshall Fundamental

The mural itself.

The mural itself.

Sarah Quan, Newspaper Editor

The Legacy Club has been setting up murals all over Marshall Fundamental and recently they put a new one on the steps of the stairs leading up to the A building. For those who can’t see, each step is one part of a whole design. All the steps form together to show a colorful tree with the quote, “THE POWER OF IMAGINATION MAKES US INFINITE”. This tree design was chosen by Dr. Mark Anderson out of the many mosaic designs presented to him by the Legacy Club.

This staircase design started being made around the 2017-2018 school year after it was chosen. The tree was originally sketched out on a very large piece of paper, then cut into various long horizontal strips to mimic the length of each step of the staircase. Each horizontal strip would have a different section of the tree sketch. On each paper strip there would be a clear piece of paper thingy placed on top of the paper. On that clear piece of thingy there would be sticky, tiny mosaic tiles placed on it. Some mosaic tiles might have to be cut into separate, smaller pieces to make it fit on the clear thingy.

After each horizontal strip of paper had a clear piece of something full of sticky tiles it would basically be complete. After that part was finished, something else would happen that I’m not sure of and then the staircase would have mosaics installed on it. I think. It has something to do with the indirect method of making mosaics. But yeah, that’s basically the simplified version of what happened. Isn’t that tree pretty?

Oh, and I don’t know why but as of today the Legacy Club isn’t showing up on Marshall’s official website. But I swear the club exists.