Middle School Activities


Jeremiah Wong and Joshua Gray

High school students at Marshall have been having exciting activities for the longest time. Prom? Winter Formal? Yes! But middle school activities have been not so good recently and the middle schoolers have decided enough is enough!

They feel that more can be done. We spoke with a sixth grader who said that they only have lunch activities on Fridays and the prizes are just one piece of fun-sized candy. She said that she would like to have more activities on more days of the week.

We tried to get some more details from other middle school students and one agreed with the point, saying that they would like more activities outside of school. Unfortunately, this student didn’t want to get more into detail with their answer and other middle schoolers refused to answer questions about the topic.

We asked staff what could be done to better the middle school activities and to fund more activities. Dr. Anderson had said that “If students would go to the activities that Middle School ASB plans, that would encourage the kids that are putting them on to plan more activities for the students.”

This is important because if more students did go to the activities, then Middle School ASB will know how good of an idea it was and would be encouraged to throw more.

More fundraisers to help fund these fun activities would make a huge difference as well! Besides, you can’t spell Marshall Fundamental without fun.

Let’s work to get more activities for our eaglets!