Marshall’s Buzzfeed Quiz


Have you ever taken a quiz on Buzzfeed based on “Which TV character you’re related to or Where you should travel to?” If so, then you definitely want to read this!

An anonymous Marshall student decided that she wanted to create her own Buzzfeed quiz based on “Which Marshall teacher are you?” She wanted to make this quiz for just her friends, but she didn’t realize that it would gain popularity throughout school. Teachers such as Mr. Ganschow, Ms. Valentine,Mr. Lee, Ms. Seo, Dr. Stevens, Mr.Boling, Mr. Tornek, Mr. Champo, and Ms. Barrett were all possibilities on the teacher quiz!

The descriptions for each teacher were based on personal experience and the creator wanted to make the descriptions light humored using information known about each teacher, such as Mr. Boling‘s affection for Diet Snapple Peach Tea. Ms Valentine was one of the teachers who looked at some of the answers that applied to her and she stated,  “I actually do walk around in a blanket except that I don’t walk in slippers.” As you can see, this quiz has been something iconic that flourished throughout our school.

If you are interested in taking this quiz all you have to do is search up, “Which Marshall teacher are you?” Make sure it says, “anonymous” because if it doesn’t say that, then it’s not the right quiz. Have fun finding out which teacher you relate to the most!