Soccer Team is Doing Okayish


Omar Reyes Diaz, Newspaper Editor

For once, Marshall has finally been able to make an impressive run of results in the (Pokemon?) league this season. They have upset the (Pokemon??) league champions of El Monte by tying against them. El Monte opened the score early in the game and were also awarded a penalty but could not finish it, so that was a waste of time. After going 1-0 down Marshall was able to tie the game in the last minutes thanks to David Ezieme.

Having a young team has not been easy for Coach Erick Rodriguez. His senior players have been lacking in miscellaneous soccer skills and so he has had to reshape his squad to fit his tactics. Practices are held everyday to help improve their skills and chemistry as a team.

Half of the season has gone by and Marshall still stands in a good position, with their chances of going to CIF still being very high. However, there have been some setbacks as players have been getting injured. Starting midfielders Juan Parra and Marco Bermudez have both had major injuries that have put them out for a majority of the season. Center back Alex Evers is one of the most recently injured. His injury will cause him to miss about two weeks but will be ready for the closing games of the season.

When asked how the coach manages his team, assistant coach Adamari Hernandez said that he “transfers his energy to the team and motivates the players to do their best.” The assistant coaches stated that they help Coach Rodriguez take stats of the game so they can analyze what went well and what needs to be improved. Luckily for us at Marshall, one assistant has also stated that she has seen a massive improvement in the team’s flow of the game, and proceeded to give other generic compliments to the players.