Marshall Jazz Band

Mitchell Lopez, Contributor

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Jazz Band is on of the few music programs in Marshall’s ACI. It is also one of the most favored. “It’s a fun class that I really enjoy teaching and it will never get old,” says local teacher Joel Lopez.

Jazz Band provides students with music education along with experience with year round performances for those who plan on continuing their music careers. Not everyone can be part of jazz band though, a student must first audition and have knowledge and skill. “You get to immerse yourself with other musicians and really create a bond,” says current senior Manuel Olmos.

With many songs to choose from the students are always busy, whether it’s rehearsing on stage or practicing on their own. Many of the students who are in Jazz Band are also in Marching Band. “What makes it more fun is that you surround yourself with the same people,” says current band member Hanna Eguchi. It seems as if Jazz Band is a haven for those with musical aspirations. “I’m almost always late to my third period class because I always come here during nutrition to play on the piano,” says senior Mitchell Lopez. It’s a class that sure does maintain a positive vibe.

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