The First Marshall Fund Run


Sarah Quan, Head Editor

On Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, the school’s Athletic Boosters are hosting the annual Marshall Fund Run at the local track field, with this year’s goal being $50,000. There will be more Marshall Fund Runs every year to reach the final goal of $1,000,000. This money will be used to update the track field, plant some new seeds in the area, build an “underground electrical conduit” (whatever that is), and build a pole vault.

There are two known events happening this year. The first is the Marshall Mile that starts at 9 AM, where those signed up as Marshall athletes can compete for mile times. The fastest runner will win a prize, but what specifically is currently unknown. “The run can help you challenge your donors to contribute to our athletics by challenging yourself to run your fastest mile.” The path is one loop around the campus of Marshall, beginning and ending at the track field. For those who want to run, please refer to this page. For those who want to donate, please refer to this other page.

The second event is the 1st Annual Walk-a-thon, where people are encouraged to walk around the track field as many times as possible, with a minimum of 12 laps being the goal for everyone. Even those who don’t attend Marshall are encouraged to walk the track.

To volunteer for the event, please see here.