Keeping Track of Marshall’s Field


Benjamin Burnette, Erick Gabrielyan, and Holly Gmelich

Here at Marshall, students and athletes have wanted an artificial field and track to benefit many parts of our school. Students will pleased to know that after several interviews with administration here at Marshall, several questions with regard to a new track and field have been answered.

Every administrator we spoke with was aware of the need and desire for renovations to take place. The same goes for PUSD. Apparently, the district has plans to improve tracks and fields around the Pasadena Unified district. Coaches from the athletic department believed that within the next three years, we construction on the track would begin. While the administrator we spoke with was unaware of any direct plans to redo the football field with artificial turf, another administrator commented that typically track and field renovations are done at the same time. We did hear that even if the field is not outfitted with artificial turf, it should be leveled in the near future, do to potential safety hazards. The cost could range from around one million to several million dollars to provide a high quality track and field.

The track would have all around success for the athletes. Track and field would provide more athletes to continue to work hard in their sport career. This leveled out track and field would make the sports that currently use Marshall’s track and field substantially safer. Coaches and administration believe that this would benefit the school greatly. With this new artificial track and field Marshall football and soccer teams can now have home games and practice safely without injuries.