Jessica Baeza

Jessica Baeza is currently a junior attending Marshall Fundamental. She has been at Marshall for four years and is going on her fifth. Jessica was born February 12, 2001. She is the second oldest and has five siblings, which include three brothers and two sisters. Some of here favorite things she like to do is to go out with friends or her brother and cousins. Some of her hobbies are watching make up tutorials, Netflix or listening to music. After high school she would like to continue her education by going to a two year college and then transferring to a four year. She has an idea on what she wants to do in the future, and it has to do with the medical field. Over the summer Jessica either visits Oregon with family, she really loves the scenery there. If she doesn’t go to Oregon she also enjoys going with her family in Mexico. Jessica is a little anti-social but once you get to know her she is very funny and easy-going.