Is PUSD going Bankrupt? Not likely


Erick Gabrielyan, Junior Editor

It’s a story you have likely heard, if you’re a student at Marshall. Students are buzzing with, among other things, the notion that PUSD is going bankrupt. The belief is that PUSD is going bankrupt, and that to avoid this, they plan on either dissolving Marshall, or turn it solely into a middle school. Students often cite the fact that many teachers have received pink slips to support their claims.

As a Marshall student, I believed this for a second, but I then realized that I had nothing substantial to base this on. Beginning to wonder if these were just baseless rumors, or if there was something to them, I decided that students deserved the official story. For a while, I had wanted to interview an administrator. Now I had a good reason to do so. And who better to get the truth from than the principal himself?

I scheduled an interview with Dr. Mark Anderson through his secretary. He explained that this, in fact, is not the case. He explained that as a school district, we “need to have a reserve of 3% savings per year” and that it was predicted that if spending trends continue, PUSD would be out of savings in about three years, so some changes have to be made. Due to a combination of decisions made at the district, county, and state levels, PUSD had to increase spending a while back. This contributed to the problem.

One of these decisions, made above the district, dictates that district employers are “required to put more money into retirement programs for employees,” Anderson added. This makes it even more expensive to employ staff. Among other reasons, this is a major cause as to why teachers may be let go. Especially the new ones.