Is Marshall’s 5-Minute Passing Period Too Short?


Kareem Shaheen, Ashley Canelas, Vanessa Pano, Adilene Munoz, and Joseph Castro

Brringg! The sound signaling the end of class is one that is accompanied by the mass migration of students across our fairly- sized campus.

At the end of class, lunch, or nutrition the Marshall halls are filled with students trying to get to their next class within the allotted five-minute passing period. However, recent complaints have arisen, with many students saying that amount of time is too short. The Marshall Eagle Eye set out to gather information.

As required by the State of California, all students must attend a certain amount of instructional time (school) this number is usually identified as 300+ minutes, so how does this impact the passing period time?

Throughout Marshall’s history, the time for passing period has gone down from seven to five minutes. Why the change? You may not be aware that the shorter passing period can actually shorten the school day. Since the length of classes cannot be adjusted, and students would likely be outraged of shortening lunch, passing period is cut down.

Marshall’s administrators have adjusted the time for passing period as they see fit for students, which has shortened the day. For the Marshall high schooler, there are 5 passing periods throughout the day, so by eliminating just two minutes, the entire day has been cut down by 10 minutes! So while this matter may be debated at length, at the current moment our school’s administration has seen that this is an appropriate time for students to be able to transition between classes.

What do you think?