Is Marshall Ever Going to get a Synthetic Track?


Joshua Gray, Staff Writer

For a long time an issue for Marshall’s athletes is the condition of the school’s track. Dirt tracks are just not as good as the synthetic tracks; which are standard for competitive track and field events. Most schools in the Los Angeles county have a synthetic track, so when will Marshall?

Earlier this year, Marshall’s athletic boosters hosted its first fund run (with plans for an annual fund run with an end goal of $1 million), in order to raise money for the installation of a brand new synthetic track. The first fund run had a goal of $50,000, so if each fund run raised at least that, then there would have to be twenty fund runs. However, that’s just funds raised from that particular charity event. Add the money raised to the current budget and the time to raise $1 million would be cut down significantly. 

Although the logistics of when and how a new synthetic track will be installed are unknown, we do know that Marshall is working hard towards a new track. In fact, recently the track has been resurfaced, so at least Marshall understands the need for a new track! So while we might not know WHEN it will be here, it will be here.