Interview of Mr.Tom

Interview of Mr.Tom

Vanessa, Staff

1.What is your favorite hobby?


2.Who is your favorite student of all time?

Of all time, Alexis Rodriguez

3.What is one thing you don’t like about your job?

One thing I don’t like, rowdy middle schoolers.

4.What is your favorite song?

You guys know this, I don’t listen to music.

5.Do you like to dance?


6.Who is your favorite co-worker?

My favorite co-worker, Maria Torres.

7.What is your favorite sport/team?

I’m an LA chargers fan

8.What are your pet peeves?

 People that are like, OCD meticulous over achievers ,oh I hate them I can’t stand them

9.What’s one funny thing you’ve experienced with one of your students?

 So many, well lets see, besides the typical girl drama, I did have one student who during 6 period lifting was actually crying while he was performing his set because he broke up with his girlfriend, he finished his lifts though so that was good.

10.Does pineapple go on pizza?

Yes it does!