In Depth Of Marshall’s Secrets !

Marshall Fundamental was established in 1925. The school is known for its many extracurricular activities and a few after school programs. Marshall has many clubs you can join as well such as Unidos, Spanish Honors Society, and ACI.

Marshall also has a wonderful staff, who works here. I have been at Marshall for about six years, so I thought I knew just about everything about the school, however just the other day  I discovered a  bathroom I never knew about.

I also discovered another classroom- a science classroom- in the DANCE BUILDING! Apparently, the building isn’t just for dance, but also has a chemistry classroom.  What other stuff does Marshall have that the students do not know about? Do certain staff have their own exclusive teachers lounge? Why are there so many little doors  with locks on them? Is Marshall Fundamental haunted?  Have any student or students experienced any ghost sightings?

After considering all these questions, I did some investigating and talked to staff around Marshall.  I asked about any stairs that lead to mysterious places, but I came up short.  The custodians were unwilling to open up random doors on campus for me citing safety reasons. Plus, they were really busy. I guess that makes sense.

Soon after, I began investigating the auditorium to see what other secrets I could find. I walked in the auditorium and something caught my eye- a ladder which lead to a balcony! Once I reached the balcony I noticed many markings on wall and a chair in the corner for some odd reason.  After investigating as much I could I was not able to find any other secrets about Marshall.  CASE CLOSED! At least, until the next time I see something I don’t know about.

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