Homecoming Pep Rally


Marshall Fundamental’s 2018-2019 Homecoming Pep Rally at the new gym entertained our fellow Eagles and demonstrated our school spirit!

Performances from the Dance Team and Cheer encouraged everyone to pay attention and to cheer on. Last year, there was no Powderpuff game. This year, though, that has all changed. Everyone is getting into the Powderpuff/Homecoming Game spirit!

Boys from the senior and junior classes who volunteered to be “cheerleaders” for Powderpuff performed their dance as a team. One 7th grader who is new to Marshall stated, “I like how they’re just having fun and don’t care what anybody thinks.” Marshall students weren’t the only ones who got to be entertained! Visitors from all over Pasadena got to experience the fun during the Middle school pep rally.

After the performances, students from each grade level volunteered to play games such as “Guess the Song” with musical chairs, choosing which pumpkin had treats and bubble wrestling. One of the games, bubble wrestling, provoked excitement among students as one of the players fell right away and lost.

It wasn’t all just performances and games, though! Captains from each sport team were honored as well as the announcement of the new Homecoming princesses from each grade. Competition between the seniors and juniors filled the place with energy as each class held their own flags and yelled either “JUUUUUUNIORS!” or “SEEEEENNNNIOOOORS!” One junior who was at the pep rally stated, “I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next one.” We Marshall Eagles sure filled the day with spirit, having the school come together. As the principal always says, “What a great day to be a Marshall Eagle!”