Have Teachers Been Abducted? Teachers You Didn’t Know Where Gone!


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Adilene Munoz, Writer

You may ask yourselves where are some of our Marshall teachers at? Well to answer your questions continue reading this clickbait article!

One of Marshall’s chemistry teachers Mr. Ernesto Vazquez was selected as an elementary school administrator. With that said he could no longer be here at Marshall with us, as that would probably be either physically impossible or just very exhausting. This was announced by our school principal Dr. Mark Anderson on January 7, 2018, who also says that they’re working “very hard” on finding a new chemistry teacher. For the meantime we will be having a long term substitute until the end of February because our current replacement teacher (Ms. Kassidy Penso) is still finishing up her contract.

Another teacher that might have been “abducted” is Mr. Joseph Shady. Mr. Shady went MIA for a very long time. Everyone didn’t really think anything of it and most people assumed they would walk in to class one day and see Mr. Shady smiling in his desk, alive and well. BUT WE WERE ALL WRONG. Throughout this time we had a cool guy as our long term substitute, Ms. Andrea Flores. After a few weeks we were informed by Ms. Flores that Mr. Shady had sent an email saying he had resigned. Later on that week we were also informed that Ms. Flores was now going to be our new permanent history teacher. Not sure who informed us, probably our conscience or something.