Graphic Design is Closed


This is a surprise picture from the National School Walkout back on March 14th. Surprise! :D

Sarah Quan, Staff Editor

A few months back my Graphic Design teacher Ms. Rosa Ramirez-Rosales announced to my class that Marshall would not offer these GD courses next year. I emailed Dr. Anderson for more information and he said that this is due to a “reduction in funds”. Because of this, PUSD decided to cut one Career Technical Education (CTE) program from each high school. It is currently unknown what will be done with room B223 next year.

If students really want Graphic Design back they can fundraise and the course would cost a little less than $100,000. Something similar happened to the American Sign Language class around last year, so maybe someone will fundraise for this class too, but who knows. Personally, I’d go and support Stacy the local service dog instead, as this fluffy dog currently needs about roughly $3,500 for her fluffy hip dysplasia.

I made this in Graphic Design class. Without GD, this fake band album would never have happened.