Editorial: Graffiti in School Bathrooms


Emily Flores, Editor

If you’ve ever walked into a public bathroom or a school bathroom, I’m sure you’ve noticed  graffiti in all of the stalls.  Not only is it really annoying to see people write childish things on the stalls, but it’s also really sad to see that people really feel the need to write things like “kill sally” or “i hate school”.  I believe that if the school were to install anti-graffiti powder coated partitions, the amount of kids marking up the stalls would decrease and the school would save money as well by not having to buy paint to stalls over and over again.  With Hadrian’s anti-graffiti partitions, if there were to be any students who still continued to graffiti the stalls, the process of removing the writing on the walls is a lot easier than repainting all the stalls. All one would need to remove the writing off the walls would be warm water, mild soap, and a washcloth.  

Another good thing about installing anti-graffiti partitions would be that they are environmentally friendly, which is always a plus because there is virtually no waste or solvent emissions.  The Hadrian company is also really good with trying to meet everyone’s budget so money won’t have to be a problem. Permanent markers, lipstick, water based ink markers, wax crayons, and spray paints are one of the many things that can be easily removed with these stalls.  I really think if these anti-graffiti stalls were installed at Marshall, we would be one step closer to making our school a better place.