Going Green with Ms. Stotlar

Going Green with Ms. Stotlar

Jeremiah Wong and Mayco Luna

In recent events, Ms. Stotlar has been talking about getting a new car. Why is this news? Because Marshall’s very own environmental science teacher is doing something good for the environment! The car is called the GEM, it’s an unusually designed golf-cart type of vehicle that runs completely on electricity. It’s energy efficient and costs up to $0.17 to charge up the battery according to Ms. Stotlar.

GEM Overview

The GEM is a small piston-powered electric vehicle which, quoted from the Car and Driver review site, is the “car of the future.” You can charge it from home, and it runs on 100% electricity. It has multiple interior and exterior designs ranging from a two-seater mini work truck to a six-seater spacious mini bus. You can drive it where ever you would like as if it were any other car, you can drive it anywhere except the freeway. It costs less to own a GEM than any car on the market with cost of $0.03 per mile. If you want cost sufficient, energy conserving car, start considering the GEM it’ll all be worth it. This “gem” is a very friendly neighborhood car and best of all, won’t pollute the earth.



  • Energy saver
  • Not expensive to maintain
  • Electricity bill very low
  • Quiet
  • Safe



  • Small
  • Slow
  • Design is weird