Editorial: Free the Passes

Every year during the first couple days of school, teachers hand out syllabi and give an outline on how the year will go. This includes rules and regulations of the classroom. Bathroom passes vary depending on the teacher and the period. We all know that you are not supposed to leave class the first and last ten minutes of class, that’s a school rule. But to my knowledge there is no limit to the amount of bathroom passes a student can use a week, a month, or an entire semester. It seems that some teachers have taken it upon themselves to create some rules and restrictions to the amount of times a student may leave to the restroom during their class.

This makes some sense but, to completely take away our right to use the restroom at all is appalling! Not all teachers have this rule, but some have made it that if you go over a certain limit per week/semester, it can potentially affect your grade. I myself drink a lot of water throughout the day and my body has a routine that it follows on the daily. I do know that I am not the only one who faces these problems, they have also affected my friends, and peers in different ways. On top of all of this, girls struggle with bathroom passes even more, we go through a rough week each and every month. I feel that some teachers forget about this, they also forget to take into consideration that each body runs differently.

I believe that there should not be any restrictions to leave to the restroom, during any class period. Of course there will be students who might take advantage, but that is a different story. That individual student should be the only one who receives a consequence, and not the whole class.