Fall Festival 2018-2019


Isabella Tesei and Amy Garabedian

Fall Festival is back! As is the tradition at Marshall, this year, the Fall Festival took place in the north quad with a mix of fine arts performances.

Looking at all the lawn chairs and food sales, the turnout was larger than in any past years. Hundreds of people came to Marshall to see what our students could do.

There were choir performances under the guidance of Mr. Gould, band performances with help from Mr. Carafone, a dance performance under the new Dance Team Coach, Ms. Hillary, and a beautiful display of student’s artwork created by the students of Ms. Ramsey and Mr. Rendon. A chamber choir student, Madden Kostanyan said, “I joined choir because I love music and it’s like a big family.” This festival wouldn’t have come together without the passion many Marshall students have for the arts. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our ACI (Academy of Creative Industries) classes!