Dungeons and Dragons Club Gets Detailed!

Nolan McCreight, Staff Writer

Dungeons & Dragons Club is new to Marshall! For those of you not familiar with how the game works, here is a little lesson:

Dungeons and Dragons, also known as D&D, requires a few different things to play: It requires rule books, to keep the game consistent. It requires pencil and paper to write down notes about the world and its features for future reference. It requires dice to provide an element of chance to the game. Most importantly, D&D requires an active imagination!

One thing D&D does not require, however, are miniatures. These small humanoid-or-monster shaped bits of plastic go on a grid known as a “battle map” to denote positions. I spoke to the President of the club to find out why the club had decided to spend its meager sum of money on the figures instead of additional rule books. He explained to me that the figures, while not necessary, were fun to have for “immersion” in the game. “Immersion is a rare thing to have in a game of D&D at school, and everything we can get to further that feeling is worth the money.”