Danger! Clowns Attack!


Erick Gabrielyan, Staff Writer

Are you afraid of clowns? Do Bright colors and large grins make your blood run cold? If so, you’re not alone. Culrophobia, the fear of clowns, is a common fear. While research into the phobia is seriously lacking, you can ask around to see just how many people are scared of clowns. The abundance of coulrophobes, especially among young people, has been demonstrated by the recent clown craze. Is the clown hype based in reality, or just overblown rumors to get us into the Halloween spirit?

There have been multiple clown stories in the news as of late. Police reports of those who had encountered, or even been chased by clowns. Clowns threatening schools on social media. Most of these stories have been proven to be hoaxes, but a multitude of videos and pictures are available online for the viewer to judge for themselves. What makes this threat scary is that it’s believable. These are not ghosts, aliens, or werewolves. These are potentially dangerous people dressed in fun colors.

The craze has certainly hit Marshall. On Thursday, October 6th, security was on high alert because of “Clowns” who had threatened to visit Marshall, PHS, and Muir on social media. Students were a bit on edge, but nothing happened.

Some students have even had their own close encounters. Isaac Alvarado, a student at marshall, told me that he had been chased by a clown on Orange Grove Blvd. He said that it was dark, but he could tell it had red hair. Another student, Alex Bazaz, gave some credibility to Isaac’s story when he described a similar clown on a drive through Orange Grove Blvd. “It looked like Pennywise the clown from that movie, It,” he told me.

An additional student, who would like to remain anonymous, told me yet another story. A couple weeks ago, her brother was walking home when he encountered a clown near Longfellow Elementary school. Thankfully, he had a few baseballs to throw. He hit and ran. “I said I didn’t believe him, but he said he didn’t care,” she stated. The fact that he didn’t care shows that he isn’t looking for attention. Although these stories are alarming, there is a chance that they may be fabricated.

So if you see a clown, run. Although we have yet to see homicide, there’s a first time for everything.