Acceptance Letterz


Maira Lomeli and Alex Chacon.

Zakiyyah Rasheed Anderson, Head Editor

Seniors are faced with many stressful situations throughout their last year. One of the most stressful is waiting for a letter of acceptance from your top school. No one will admit it, but it is in fact the scariest part of the year. Seniors are riddled with doubt and fear.

“What if I don’t get in!” said Maira Lomeli, who was worried about getting in. “It’s OK, because I’m confident that I’ll get in,” said Alex Chacon.

As it turns out, she did not get in. Being faced with rejection isn’t horrible as long as you have one or two back up schools, but it’s still heart wrenching to be denied from the school you´ve been dreaming about for a number of years.

Although it’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of getting an acceptance/rejection letter, it’s much more fun to think about the positive! Imagine, after waiting three plus months to FINALLY hear back from your number one! The excitement and rush one must feel. There are many videos on the internet of families surrounding their loved ones when they are opening them. The joy, hype, and pride that everybody feels in the room with is astounding and so much fun to watch! So, there are SOME good things that come out of those God-forsaken pieces of paper.

As previously mentioned, it can be stressful waiting for a letter, but the thrill and excitement that comes along with it is another positive. For most of seniors young life (at least for AP seniors) it has been drilled in their mind that college is the ONLY route after high school, and although statistics show that if you apply to at LEAST nine colleges then one of them is bound to accept you. All this things being said, seniors whether you get accepted to your dream school or not, just know that NO MATTER WHAT, at least you get to leave Marshall.