About the Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye is the name of Marshall Fundamental’s newspaper, YouTube channel, and website. All of these are organized by the Journalism class and our teacher Mr. Ganschow. We raise funds by selling food at school events and recycling bottles and cans on Fridays. Without this we would be poor and be begging you (yes you!) for spare change.

The latest iteration of Marshall’s journalistictastical efforts came about in 2012, when the school newspaper’s name was changed from The Flyer Herald to The Eagle Eye (the name you know and love). The change was made when the class started creating low quality videos in addition to the low quality news articles online. We showcase the people and events at our very own Marshall Fundamental (and possibly even Blair).

In 2014, we started a YouTube channel (other known as a channel on Youtube) and in 2015 we created a website (other known as a site on the web). In 2016, we created weekly announcements for our school. This year, we have partnered up with the Los Angeles Times to make our voice heard. We will continue to have editorial teams create and distribute content to our Marshall community.

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About the Eagle Eye