6th Grade Collab- Cancelled Pep Rally?

When it was first brought up to us, working with a sixth grader seemed almost nerve wracking. Having to mentor another student and explain the class to them seemed like a lot of work. But after meeting with her, I knew she’d be fun to work with. Jaylin was an outgoing, creative student and listening to her ideas while┬áincorporating them into a fun assignment was really enjoyable.

First talking to my partner and sixth grader, it became clear what we were invested in: current school events and news. At the time, a pep rally had recently been cancelled and postponed due to an apparent food fight. There were many questions surrounding the topic and this concerned our group. We easily found our foundation for a video: investigating the cause of the pep rally postponing and clearing up all surrounding rumors.

We immediately got started with interviewing administrators and students alike. Comparing their responses and reactions to our many questions was very interesting and we easily came up with content for our video. During this process, my partner and I talked about our experiences in journalism and explained the day to day processes of the class. Thankfully, she found our rambling fun and took and interest in the class very quickly.

The opportunity to talk about our elective to another student outside our grade was a great experience. I had a lot of positive things to say about the class and teacher. Hopefully working with us would persuade our sixth grade partner to choose journalism as a class in high school.