10 Questions With the Health Clerk Ms. Garcia

10 Questions With the Health Clerk Ms. Garcia

Kareem Shaheen, Staff Writer

Get to know the person who takes care of you when you are sick or hurt! Today we asked the nurse office 10 questions so we can get to know them.

Question & Answer

1. Q: What drove you to pursue the medical sciences?

A: I like working with people, and helping them.

2. Q: Why did you choose to be a nurse?

A: I actually chose to be a health clerk, because I was volunteering and I used to help out with the kids and I like working with kids.

3. Q: More specifically, why did you choose to be a school nurse?

A:Because of when I used to volunteer for my kids

4. Q: At any point did you ever regret your decision?

A:No, I did not.

5. Q: How long have you worked here at Marshall?

A: 10 years

6. Q: Was there another school or district you wish you could have gone to?

A: No, actually, I like working here.

7. Q:Where are you from?

A:I am from Phoenix, Arizona

8. Q: Who is one of your heroes or someone you look up to?

A: My parents

9. Q:Who was your favorite student or patient?

A: I don’t have any favorites or have favoritism.

10. Q:Lastly, how do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

A: I love it, it’s my favorite