10 questions with Ms.Rasmey

Esmeralda Cabral

1. Why did you choose to work at Marshall?
Ms. Ramsey likes the atmosphere and the curriculum.
2.How many years have you been working here?
It’s going to be Ms. Ramsey’s 21st year teaching at Marshall.
3.What made you want to become an art teacher?
Ms. Ramsey has always liked art and has always enjoyed doing art work and has always thought she would be a good role model to young teenagers.
4.What grades do you teach?
This year Ms. Ramsey is teaching 9th graders and a class of 12th graders. Throughout the 21 years Ms. Ramsey has been here, she’s taught grades 7-12.
5.Whats the best artwork you’ve done? The best artwork Ms. Ramsey has done, is a mosaic that she is currently working on in her house.
6.Does the school supply you with art supplies?
The school supplies Ms. Ramsey with most art utensils.
7. What is the best thing about becoming an art teacher? The best thing about being an art teacher is watching students becoming good at art, and seeing that they can do it.
8. Do you regret being an art teacher?
Ms. Ramsey does not regret becoming an art teacher, she enjoys art.
9.Do you enjoy teaching middle schoolers over high schoolers? Ms Ramsey prefers teaching high schoolers
10.Do you think Pineapple belongs on pizza?
Ms. Ramsey likes pineapple pizza and she thinks it’s a good combination.