10 Questions with Mr. Bills


Elizabeth Jacobo

  1. What’s your dream car?

“Old school Aston Martin”


2.What part of a teacher scares you?

“All the grading”


3.What’s your favorite sport?

“Mixed Martial Arts”


4.What other subject would you teach?

“Definitely Art”


5.Do you know how to dance?

“I’ve been told I could dance but its not like I could just do it for anybody.”


6.Did you want to teach Biology?

“Yeah I’ve always loved science, I feel like science is the coolest subject because you learn how everything works right.”


7.What’s your favorite color and why?

“I would say it probably blue,  I feel like it has some depth to it.”


8.What’s your favorite music?



9.What animal would you be?

“Orca, a killer whale.”


10.Does pineapple belong on pizza?

“Yes but its not like I’m going to order one at a restaurant.”